Summit Speech Therapy Inc, was created to improve client and family access to Speech-Language Therapy provided by well trained and knowledgeable Speech-Language Therapists.


After working for years in the local schools, therapy clinics, and hospital settings, we found a wide disconnect between what was needed, and what was offered and available. As SLP’s we believe that these needed services are fundamental to increasing quality of life. We grew tired of the school systems limiting appropriate treatment frequency due to budget and staffing restraints. We’ve worked in the “comprehensive” clinics where speech therapy is only an “after-thought,” and not given adequate resources. We created a clinic where speech services are our primary focus. We realize that all ages are affected by speech-language needs, as communication is a necessary life skill. We love working with the pediatric and youth population. We are also trained to meet the unique needs of adults. We want to not only increase access  to these all-important services, but to do so in a timely manner.