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Our clients are our most important resources. As Speech – Language Pathologists, we love being part of the journey to confident communication. Life –changing success stories start with one step.

Sherlene Bartholomew

After a stroke, I received therapy at HealthSouth, and was from there referred, on highest recommendation, to Amy Mullins at Summit Speech Therapy. I was not disappointed.

Amy was quick to diagnose where I needed the most help, and from there brought me at an intensive, but approachable rate of progress, on many levels.

Further, she campaigned with my provider to bring me additional sessions that brought me to a level where I now feel able to branch out and make additional progress on my own, based on the many help-assists she has encouraged.

I can't say enough how much her encouraging, motivating help has meant in helping me return to near-normal levels of performance.

I would highly recommend her and her skilled aides to any person seeking speech and language therapy.

Nickole Hogan

What a great place to bring your little one! It has been an exhausting journey because our insurance is pretty impossible. But Summit has been extremely patient and helpful. They are a partner in helping my son communicate better. We see progress almost every visit. They are very, very good at what they do!

Melissa Littlefield

We love Summit Speech Therapy! They really care about helping your child succeed. They spent a lot of time helping us figure out our insurance and different payment options. The therapists are wonderful! The therapist that is working with us has done so many fun and creative things to keep our 3 year old son interested and having fun while working really hard on speech. We have seen a big difference in just a few months and we are so excited! Everyone we have worked with at Summit Speech Therapy has been so kind and helpful! We are so grateful for them!

Jennifer Durant

My son has been going here since January.  All I can say is that they are miracle workers!  My son has been working with Shane and has made so much progress.  Grandparents who came to visit recently commented on how much more they could understand my son.  I would give them 10/10 stars if that was an option!

Sara Raines

We love Summit Speech!  Therapist Shane is great with my very active 4 year old and his assistant Erick keeps everything organized in the front office.   I love that I can watch and listen on the iPad in the lobby and know what is happening the speech room.

Jim Robertson

AMAZING! I cant say enough good things about Summit Speech Therapy. My son has been going to speech therapy at his school since kindergarten. He is in sixth grade this year and I was frustrated for him. He would practice and go to class but there was never any progress. 4 Months with Summit and he speaks more clearly and has more confidence. What is amazing is he can hear the mistakes himself now, so if he makes a mistake he will correct himself. Shane and his team actually care. You are not just a number to them they genuinely want to help. Thank you so much for what you have done for my son.


Our son has learned so much and he loves going to speech! Our son has been doing public education (IEP) speech for 7 years without much progress. After our initial consultation with Summit, we were hopeful that his situation would improve. Our son has been bullied and lost friends because of how he speaks. This is his last year of elementary school and he is better understood by his peers and teachers. He has not had the teasing from his peers and he is doing so much better! I really appreciate Summit Speech, thank you for all your help!


We had looked for some time for a speech therapist for him and were excited, at last, to find a whole office full of them right in our town, as we knew it would take multiple trips for any effective results to help his stammering. So we began. The therapists as Summit were not only effective in their work, but also very personable and informative to me about their assessments of his needs and progress.
The most amazing part to me was that they addressed not only his stammer, but also his interpersonal deficits so typical of his autistic syndrome. We never intimated such attention, nor had we any idea that this side of his needs could be helped by SLPs. This aspect is probably the most important thing he can grow from!
Their accommodation of his schedule, budget, and other needs has been outstanding. We would have no problem recommending Summit to any who need speech therapy.
Thank you for this service!

Sandy L.

“The help that you have provided me, particularly with suggestions for planning and suggestions for helping with speaking and finding words has really made all the difference in my life. What I am trying to say is that I went from barely living to tolerable living after your help. Now I feel like I have a happy and productive and worthwhile life. Thank you for your help. I hope you know that what you do with your job really can make a huge difference in people’s lives. Thank You, thank you, thank you. I hope your life can be filled with the joy you have given me.”

Shawn and Julie B.

"Our son has been seeing Amanda for almost 18 months and has made tremendous progress. He loves going to speech each week! She is the one who realized his enlarged tonsils were causing a problem with his articulation skills. After seeing a specialist based on her recommendation, his tonsils were removed and he is speaking much more clearly! She found what several pediatricians missed and we're so thankful! She is professional and makes speech "therapy" fun. She's made an overwhelming task seem manageable and we couldn't be more thrilled with the progress he's made because of his time with Amanda!!"

Christel S.

"Shane was awesome! He took a lot of time with us to listen to the concerns we had. He answered many of my questions about milestones. This was a great service and was very kid-friendly. Summit was great!"

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